Air Force veteran seeks to acquire services companies that would hire other veterans 

On the anniversary of 9/11 this week I had the opportunity to talk to Air Force veteran Ryan Brown, who served in the Iraq War, about his goal of building a private-equity business.

“I am on the entrepreneurship journey and my mission is to create jobs for veterans by way of buying and building a portfolio of companies,” Brown wrote me earlier this summer in introducing himself via LinkedIn. “It’s a very ambitious goal, but I know it’s possible.”

When I caught up by phone with Brown on Wednesday, he was in Orlando looking to meet up with hospitality executives at the Hilton Americas Owner Conference. Hospitality is one of the services sectors that he has his eye on to buy businesses in through his firm, Patriot Investment Partners. Brown, who’s active in ACG, recruiting businesses in the Melbourne, Florida area, also works as a turnaround management consultant.

Below is more about Brown, who shares my predilection for bullet points, from a written Q&A lightly edited:

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Toigo Foundation gives its Groundbreakers leadership program a shot in the arm

Toigo Foundation annual gala dinner June 2019

An annual one-day summit for women in finance looking to learn leadership skills and advance more quickly in their careers is itself getting a big promotion.

With the introduction of Groundbreakers | RISE, the Toigo Foundation is giving women on both the GP and LP side of the industry the opportunity to participate in a year-long training and mentorship program.

The program is open to “rising women leaders” with seven to 10 years of experience in finance, and participants get nominated by their firms to join. Individual private-equity firms or teams within global shops can nominate up to two women for each class of students. Among the main components of the program:

* A three-day conference devoted to leadership assessments and goal-setting this December in Austin, Texas;
* Quarterly regional sessions;
* Webinars for building on quantitative skills;
* Coaching by members of the Private Equity Women Investor Network, an association of experienced, successful women in private equity that is one of three “launch partners” of the RISE program.

Tuition is $7,500, and students or their firm must pay for travel and lodging. Along with PEWIN, the two other launch partners are Clearlake Capital Group and the Kwanza Jones & José E. Feliciano SUPERCHARGED Initiative. 

Reach the Toigo Foundation to learn more at 510-763-5771.