Edgewater Capital seeks analyst/senior analyst for Cleveland office

Mack Doyle

Edgewater Capital, which raised $185 million for its fourth fund just under a year ago, is out searching for human capital this time in the form of a new analyst or senior analyst.

In this role you’ll have an opportunity to dive into deal modeling, deal management, and data room management–see more details here. You’ll also conduct market research designed to pave the way for fresh investments in specialty chemicals, life science, advanced materials and engineered components, as well as to improve the performance of portfolio companies. Candidates should have either one to two years of investment banking experience or two to three years of transaction services or other relevant experience.

The newly created position reports in to Partners Bob Girton and Pete Ostergard. Day to day you’ll work under the tutelage of Associates Mack Doyle (pictured) and Richard Kertis and also interact with everyone on the staff from top to bottom. Said Doyle: “All of those folks have been instrumental in developing me personally and have taken the same approach with the senior analyst that we have currently.”

Edgewater Capital hasn’t advertised the position, although it has engaged a recruiter. So it’s a great chance to jump on a new opportunity. This you can do by sending an email to Doyle, who below provides a little more color on the position.

Corporate Culture: Doyle described the firm as having far from the stuffy, reserved, buttoned-up habitat you might encounter in a downtown investment bank. “Edgewater Capital is much more open and loose,” and the partners “want to make sure you have a good work-life balance,” said Doyle. “They’re genuinely concerned about you.” A recent example: Doyle said about half the office attended his wedding last fall. You also won’t be doing work just for work’s sake. “We’re trying to close deals and grow portfolio companies,” Doyle said. “We’re not about iterating on slides and taking the models to the nth level of detail.”

Perks: In a refreshing departure from the cult of open offices and cubicle cities, Edgewater Capital gives analysts their own offices. The layout also features three outside patios. About every other Friday the team calls it quits early to head for the local watering hole. Every quarter or so the firm hosts a golf outing or paintball tournament or other fun event for employees.

Training: The firm expects you to have developed your financial modeling chops and other basic investment-banking skills by the time you arrive. It’s a small organization, and you won’t have a “regimented” training program, said Doyle. “It’s a little more trial by fire and learning on the job.”

Hours: Doyle calls the hours “pretty relaxed” with a “good work-life balance.” In his three years with the firm he’s never come into the office on a weekend–although he might write some emails or read investment memorandums at home.

Living Local: The city of Cleveland features a fast-growing, walkable downtown with an abundance of young people living in apartments and condos carved out of old industrial buildings. It has a surprisingly vibrant theater district. “It’s very Midwestern, very genuine,” said Doyle of the local atmosphere. “Folks are more friendly than you get in a lot of other metropolises.”

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