Executive recruiters anticipate adding to their payrolls 

For those not yet convinced that the private-equity recruitment market is on fire consider the bullish hiring plans of the executive recruitment firms themselves.

Nearly two-thirds of those responding to a survey conducted over the last few weeks by Private Equity Career News said that they anticipated adding one or more people to their private equity practices this year. Just 38 percent said they planned to hold steady. None said they anticipated cutbacks.

The reason is simple: an influx of work. Nearly half (49 percent) said they anticipated handling 10 to 25 percent more private-equity related assignments this year than in 2019. Nearly a third (31 percent) said they anticipated handling up to 10 percent more. Seventeen percent anticipated handling more than 25 percent more. Just one respondent anticipated handling fewer private equity-related assignments this year.

All told 37 executives responded to these and other market-trend questions in my survey. Look for the full results to be published later this year in the executive summary of our forthcoming Guide to PE Executive Recruiters.

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